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empxform is designed as a mime handler/processor for emp/rmp music description files used by services like emusic. It can be used to :
  • Download complete albums into separate directories using wget or curl
  • Play albums directly from the network
  • Create playlists in m3u or xml format
  • Launch arbitrary applications based with the contents of the rmp file as arguments
  • Create shell scripts to send alubms to an mp3 player
  • Be easily to extended
The latest version of empxform is available as an rpm, debian package or source tarball and can be downloaded from SourceForge

The doxygen generated source documentation can be viewed online and the CVS repository can be browsed at sourceforge.

The libxml++ package is available at the following locations:


3 May 2003 - Emusic have changed their site so that customers must use their download manager application, the download functionality will not work until I get a chance to look at it (maybe never), playlist generation and other processing are still ok :(
27 Apr 2003 - Updated packages for gcc 3.2 and libxml-0.21 (now builds on Debian unstable)

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